Are you currently working on a Vectrex project? Do you want to share your progress with the rest of the Vectrex community but don't want to bother with maintaining a webpage for it? Well I've got just the solution for you...put it up on the Projex page! This page is dedicated to work-in-progress (WIP) type Vectrex projects. Even if you have a webpage, you will more than likely get featured here while you are working on whatever your cool project may be. So drop me a line if you need some web space and want to get the word out and hype up your project!

"Current Vectrex Projects"
--- 3D GOGGLES ---
3D Visor
by Eddie K.
Eddie K. is working on recreating a 3D imager similar to the original which will house the original 3D imager circuitry design. Here is an initial drawing Eddie has done. Here is revision B which has added a mount for the motor as well as a drill hole for the photo-transistor. [UPDATE] Eddie has been busy working on revision C_#1 and revision C #2. which is showing some real progress! Speaking of real, check out this 3D print out prototype!! I'm not exactly sure how this printer works, but I'd like to see it in action. This is really gettin' good folks! Also a picture of the CD and motor planned to mount nicely in the finished visor. Stay tuned, more details to come...

Rev. A
Rev. B
Rev. C #1
Rev. C #2

Theodore Mason has built a working set of 3D goggles using the original 3D imager circuitry which was traced out by Zack Ethridge back in 1995. The goggles are comprised of a homemade visor, color wheel, and etched pcb. Go to T. Mason's 3D Goggle Archive page to learn more.

--- ADAPTERS ---
Driving Adapter
(, 396Ki )

by Brett Walach
Included in a ZIP file are 2 paper schematic designs for an Atari Driving Controller to Vectrex Adapter, along with all of the necessary data sheets for components used. This is a WIP due to the fact that neither circuit has actually been tested on a real Vectrex...please let me know if they work!


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