"Current Vectrex Projects"
--- 3D GOGGLES ---
3D Goggles

by Theodore Mason
Theodore Mason has built a working set of 3D goggles using the original 3D imager circuitry which was traced out by Zack Ethridge back in 1995. The goggles are comprised of a homemade visor, color wheel, and etched pcb. More details to come...

"T. Mason's 3D Goggle Archive"
The Goggles goggles1.jpg
Vectrex Setup goggles2.jpg
Visor Design Plans visordesign.gif
PCB Layout pcblayout.gif
Pic 1 g1.jpg
Pic 2 g2.jpg
Pic 3 g3.jpg
Pic 4 g4.jpg
Pic 5 g5.jpg
Pic 6 g6.jpg
Pic 7 g7.jpg
Pic 8 g8.jpg
Pic 9 g9.jpg
Pic 10 g10.jpg
Pic 11 g11.jpg
Pic 12 g12.jpg
Pic 13 g13.jpg
Pic 14 g14.jpg
Narrow Escape Screenshots SCREEN1 and SCREEN2


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