Do you have a great idea for a Vectrex game, peripheral, PC software, or anything dealing with the greatest video game console ever? Then share it with the Vectrex community! Half the battle in coming out with new games and hardware for the Vectrex takes place in the mind. The initial spark of imagination is what gets a project going! What's yours?

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Are you MAD about the Vectrex? Do you have daydreams about it? Do you sit and stare at it wondering what else you might be able to do with it, how you might tweak it's hardware, code some new games for it, emulate it on a PC, write some software for it, code some more games, more games, ...more games((echoing)). Well you are in luck my friend. Below is a vast array of documents, utilities, and source code waiting for you to flush your internal stack and reboot into Vectrex La La Land. Be warned though, once you enter there is no return. No return to such an ordinary life without Vectrex! ;)

"Vectrex New Development Information"
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Go ahead an order yourself a hardcopy of the "MC6809-MC6809E MICROPROCESSOR PROGRAMMING MANUAL" for FREE. If the preloaded search link to the left doesn't work, go the Literature Distribution Center for Motorola (LDC), and click on general search to get started.
PHONE: (800) 441-2447 or (303) 675-2140.
If your going to do some programming for the Vectrex, it is definitely a good idea to download the MC6809 Programming Manual.
Introduction to Vectrex Programming
( tutorial.txt, 70Ki )
by Chris Tumber

View the HTML version.
Chris' attempt at an introductory tutorial on programming the Vectrex and the 6809. It should hopefully put you over the "hump" of just getting started.
Vectrex Programming (HTML) by Chris Salomon
A "MUST READ" for anyone wishing to code anything for the Vectrex. Chris S. has put an incredible amount of effort into writing this document. Even if you're not planning on starting your programming career now, read it once through just so you know where to come back to when you're ready.
Vectrex Programming Docs
(, 3.4Mi )
by Chris Salomon
A nice compilation of texts and files including: Programming Tutorials, 3D Imager, Lightpen, Optimization, Sound, and Technical Aspects of the Vectrex.

Vectrex Programming
Manual Vol. 1

( vecprogman_v1.pdf, 86Ki )
Hand typed by Fred Taft, converted to PDF by Joe Britt

Official GCE Internal Document. This document includes "VOLUME I, GENERAL INFORMATION on the EXECUTIVE STORAGE UTILIZATION". Thanks Fred for hand typing such an enormous amount of text! I know these docs will benefit many programmers to come.

Vectrex Programming
Manual Vol. 2

( vecprogman_v2.pdf, 127Ki )
Hand typed by Fred Taft, converted to PDF by Joe Britt

Official GCE Internal Document. This document includes "VOLUME II, DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF EXECUTIVE SUBROUTINES". Thanks Fred for hand typing such an enormous amount of text! I know these docs will benefit many programmers to come.

Vectrex EXEC ROM Rev. C
( exec_rom_revb.pdf, 3.9Mi )
Contributed by Joe Britt

Official GCE Internal Document. This document contains the GCE VECTREX EXECUTIVE source code listing REV C. complete with programmer's comments. Thanks goes to Joe Britt for his unselfish donation to the Vectrex community after spending a hefty amount for this document. We really appreciate it Joe! Thanks.
A Lecture on Microprocessors [6809] (HTML)
by Professor T G Clarkson and Dr R E Reilly
Take a course on Microprocessors online.

Or Download (, 191Ki ) and view it later.

(, 512Ki )

All the ASM and DASM you'll need to start cranking out games!

V-Model 0.4a
(, 55Ki )
by Chris Tumber

Very sweet little utility that allows you to create vector objects graphically and output the source code in 6809 Vectrex-Friendly format.

Vectrex C Compiler
(, 1.27Mi )
by Chris Salomon

A very handy compiler for the MC6809 microcontroller that allows you to code in C. Now I don't want to hear you whining that you can't code new Vectrex games because you fear Assembly Code...get busy.

EPROM Information
(, 352Ki )

TXT pinouts and PDF datasheets on the 2732 (4Ki), 2764 (8Ki), and 27256 (32Ki) EPROMS.

3D Goggle Information
(, 75Ki )
by Zack Ethridge

If you are thinking of making your own 3D Imager, this is the file to download. The schematic looked a little fishy to me, but if you build it you should be able to figure out what's wrong. Q1 looked like E & C should be flipped.


Check out the How-To section on the VecTech page for more info on Lightpens.
--- SOUND INFO ---

Vecsound (v 1.2)
(, 427Ki )
by Chris Salomon

This Vectrex sound demo generation program can take one of thousands of ".YM" files from many different Atari ST archive sites and convert it into a binary image for either a Vec emulator or a real Vectrex. If you're able to use an Atari ST computer or the PaCifiST emulator (see The Little Green Desktop), then you can even compose your own .YM files with a ST music program and make your own Vectrex Jukebox.

TIP: Under Win9x, you can create shortcuts to "C_fast.bat" and "C_best.bat" then right-click and open the PROPERTIES window for those shortcuts, click on the program tab, and edit the command line to add the filename of the .YM file (ex: "Cmd line:  E:\VECSOUND\C_FAST.BAT STARWARS.YM").
YM Archive Sites:  The Little Green Desktop, ST Sound Pleasuredome, Oedipus.

above text taken from Spike's Big Vectrex Page.


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