Ahhh, the sacred stuff archived for historical and collectible purposes. If it's Vectrex, it's here! Categorized and rated for their rarity, you're sure to be drooling for hours.


"Never Released Original Vectrex Games"
--- MAIL PLANE ---
Here's a scan of the back side of the Vectrex Lightpen box. The third graphic down clearly shows the Mail Plane logo and a screen shot of the illusive Mail Plane game.

This is just the Mail Plane logo and a screen shot cropped nicely ;).
Another scan of the same box, except this is a fold-out cover that shows a 2 different screen shot of Mail Plane.

This is just the two screen shots cropped nicely ;).

If you want to have your own Mail Plane logo to put up on your web page, go right ahead and download it now. You'll probably have to right click and "Save As".


"Vectrex Accessory Gallery"
--- 3D IMAGER ---
3dimager_boxfront.jpg, 386Ki
Box Front


Instructions: 1 2

( instructions1.gif, 71Ki )
( instructions2.gif, 86Ki )

3dimager_boxback.jpg, 320Ki
Box Back
narrow_wheel.jpg, 216Ki
3D Narrow Escape / 3D Crazy Coaster Color Wheel
glasshead.jpg, 84Ki
3D Imager on a Glass Head
mine_wheel.jpg, 230Ki
3D Minestorm Color Wheel (Reproduction)
sweet3dimager.jpg, 151Ki
MINT Imager (from eBay)

Box, instructions, and color wheel scans courtesy of Chris Salomon
with permissions from Cyberpunks. Glass head courtesy of Digital Press.


"Literature and Documentation"
--- Color Passport Magazine ---

Color Passport Magazine
scans courtesy of Rik

OK people, here it is. Finally we've got high quality color scans of the elusive Passport Magazine (The Vectrex Owner's Club Magazine), courtesy of Rik. Many of you have probably seen the b/w scans provided on Spike's Big Vectrex Page, now check them out in color!
--- Vectrex Press-Kit ---

Vectrex Press Kit
scans courtesy of Rik, press kit courtesy of Jay Smith.

"This is a really cool folder with Vectrex images on it, and it
contains a few black-and-white 'head shots' of the system and a few
pages of info for use in promotional advertising and articles back in
the 80s... I don't think anyone has ever really seen this unless you
happened to be at Classic Gaming Expo this year. (This is kind of
like the sort of press-kit type materials people get for movies and
such...)" - Rik


"Vectrex Units From Around The World"
--- Boxed BANDAI Japanese Vectrex---
The word on the street is that this unit sold for just over a cool $4000.00. EEK! SPIKE, HELP!

Box Front

Box Back
--- Sealed Boxed GCE/MB American Vectrex (serial# 0149956) ---
"Your heard it right. This is a brand new Vectrex system still in the box. Never opened. Never has seen the light of day. The oxygen in the box is still from the 80's. I bought in the 80's and never opened it. Just sat in the cool shade of my closet. It also comes with brand new games. startrek spike starhawk amor atack scamble bezerk bedlam The screens are still in there protective sheets. They cartridges have not been used period. If you need any other pictures assuring of it "Brand new condition", I will be happy to provide any. The tape has not been removed, picked at. anything." - Fugazier (on eBay.com)

Bid was at $1050.00 with reserve not yet met when I saw it...and I still don't know what happened to it. Maybe the rightful owner reading this wants to claim it? ;)


"Custom Stuff "
--- HyperDrive Controller ---

HyperDrive Controller
by Steve Bender

A custom Vectrex controller done right! Steve Bender replaced the normal joystick with a self-centering driving wheel. Check out these 8 pictures behind the development of a very cool, very custom controller for the Vectrex.
--- Reproduction Carrying Bag ---

Carrying Bag
by Kerim

See it to believe it. All new, all custom, all good. It takes a lot of love for a system to re-create a 20+ year old carrying bag. This is the power of the one and only, VECTREX baby, word to your mother.


"Bits N Pieces"
--- WT The Font (TTF) ---

WT the Font (TTF)
by Bill Hudson (OddClock)

Western Technologies True Type Font with logos, and Jay Smith character.


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