Ahhh, the sacred stuff archived for historical and collectible purposes. If it's Vectrex, it's here! Categorized and rated for their rarity, you're sure to be drooling for hours.


"Custom Stuff "
--- HyperDrive Controller ---
"All I did was remove one of the pots, and re-mount the remaining one in a horizontal position. The nice thing about using an existing OEM pot, the steering wheel is self centering when you take your fingers off it." - Steve Bender

"I used MicroGraphx Windows Draw 6 to lay out the overlay design. Once finalized, I then printed it onto an Epson 8.5 x 11 label sheet via Alps-5000 printer. After laminating the final print, I cut out the overlay via hobby knife and applied the overlay to the controller. That's pretty much it :)" - Steve Bender


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