Preserves Added 3D Imager box, instruction, imager, and color wheel scans.
Design It The Design It section now contains many useful documents to educate you in the world of Vectrex Programming and hardware design. Let's see what develops...
The Ultimate Vectrex Game Archive Open For Your Viewing Pleasure! Now showing Armor Attack. The Ultimate Vectrex Game Archive originated at Spike's Big Vectrex Page and will be co-hosted right here @ www.PlayVectrex.com.. Each page will contain every available piece of info on a particular game, including user reviews. If you'd like your review of Armor Attack to be added then email it to us ( Brett Walach or BaronVR ) or add your review/high score/additional info to the Vectrex Game Review/High Score Page.The next game on the list to be archived is Scramble, so please send everything you've got on Scramble to Brett Walach. Thanks!

Sometimes you may only see one of our sites hosting a particular game. We are intentionally dividing up the massive amount of work that needs to be done on this archive to complete it faster and more efficiently. If you have corrections, additional info., pics, or anything else you'd like to submit, please make sure it goes to whoever is hosting that particular game. This would not generally be a problem with small text files, but large PICs can be troublesome to email back and forth. You may also notice we are both hosting Armor Attack right now, this is just an opening game to get the archive set up. Thanks! N-Joy the UVGA!!
Vectrex Theme Song

Meteor, by Vectrex

There's a music group called "Vectrex" I've recently discovered who mainly records Dream/House/Trance type of music. The first song I located by them came on a "Dream Dance, The Best Of Dream House & Trance Vol.13" CD by Sony Music Entertainment 1999 (Germany). I've kind of made it my Vectrex Theme Song for now...although I have been working on another song dealing more with Vectrex which is not finished. Someday you might see it pop up here.

CRT Discharging Procedure

by Rob Mitchell

I shouldn't have to tell you this, but the Vectrex's CRT can retain dangerous high voltages like a big capacitor just waiting to zZaP! your a$$ if you touch it without discharging first. Will you die if you get zapped? I don't know for sure, but it definitely won't feel good either way. So do yourself a favor and read the article on how to discharge your CRT.

Modified Atari 2600 Paddle "Pong" Controller

by Rob Mitchell

Make your own "pong" type controller for the Vectrex from a standard Atari 2600 paddle.

Added some some destinations on the Portals page.
Shockwave Introduction Added the Shockwave Introduction to the site...if you don't have a shockwave plugin installed, you should be asked if you want to install it when you try to view the Intro.
Mail Plane Scans of the Mail Plane logo and 3 different screen shots are now in the Preserves section
Modified Vectrex Lightpen

by Brett Walach &
Rob Mitchell &

The Modified Vectrex Lightpen v1.0 "How-To" is finally DONE!!!!

- Step-By-Step instructions for building your own lightpen is a click away.
- Detailed pictures for virtually every step show you how to build it.
- Download the schematic in 6 different versions.
- Materials and Parts Lists w/pictures.
- The end product will amaze you at how professional it looks, and it's just a marker casing!

What Else Is On The List?

- I think this accessory needs a sticker and box to finish it off. Submit your ideas/designs to me at playvectrex@gmail.com. A winner will be chosen, their design will be used, and they will get the first "production" MVLP.
- Kits will be offered, but pricing and packaging still needs to be figured out. Do you guys want a ready-to-assemble kit, or an all-parts-included-with-some-prepwork-required kit? The later being cheaper ;)
- A limited number of MVLP's with sticker & box will be hand-crafted by myself complete with serial number and my signature just for the fun of it. Maybe someday they will be auctioned off for a billion dollars! Ha Ha Ha. ;) Price will include parts at cost plus some labor cost, probably minimum wage :(
- A PCB could be designed very easily to make this lightpen the best thing since sliced bread, but I'm guessing I'd have to order quite a few and they'd obviously not be as cheap as protoboard. However, assembly time would be about 10 min. vs. 1 hour. Flood my email box with requests if you want to prepay to have this done.
- A PDF file with the entire MVLP How-To in it will be created soon enough.
- Who want's to possibly think up some new lightpen games and pack it in with the MVLP's for sale? We have PCB's and Cart Cases!!!

Vectrex Lightpen FAQ v1.0

by Rob Mitchell
If you want to get the low down on the Vectrex lightpen and modified versions, check out the online HTML FAQ! Grab the TEXT version here.

Brand New!!!

Vectrex Cartridge Cases

The other day on RGV I read that Sean Kelly successfully reproduced the plastic Vectrex cartridge casings!!! So you read that and just about crapped your pants too huh? Thought so ;)

These cases are identical in every way to the original ones, except for the cases with no screw hole. Go visit Sean and get your Intellivision housed carts redone, buy an empty casing for the game of your choice, or purchse a case with a label (scope out his high quality labels for Patriots, All Good Things, Vector Vadors, and Vecmania).

Empty Casing......$4
Case with Label...$5
One Cartridge......$9
Two Cartridges....$17
Three Cartridges..$25
Four Cartridges...$32
Five Cartridges....$36

Mark Shaker is also offering Sean Kelly's casings for sale at Mark's Video Game Manufacturing.


www.PlayVectrex.com brought online Friday, January 14th 2000 !!!!!!

Finally! All of my thoughts, ideas, and work will be shared with everyone. Since I can't keep the Vectrex alive all by myself, this site is geared towards group input, Yours! I need as much help as you can spare, I don't even care if you just want to say HI. Let me know you support the Vectrex by participating in anything that interests you on this site! There will be plenty of things to do here in time, I just can't puke it all out at once. It's been a rough time these last 4 years for me, details of which could encompass a whole web page by itself. I do have other hobbies too, which have kind of diverted my attention over the years. Procrastination of this site has alway eaten away at me everytime I thought about it, told someone I was going to do it, or wanted more than what was currently out there for Vectrex sites. Things change!

I'm not going to claim that this will be the best Vectrex site you'll ever come across, nor will I deny it. But I will tell you I am a man of dedication, I can do ANYTHING when I set my heart and mind on it. I believe we all have this potential and I will show you the way!!! I'm going to do things for the Vectrex that have never been done before, and I assure you that they won't disappoint you.

This site will evolve over time into something worth coming back to over and over again. They say Rome wasn't built in a day.. but I could care less about that old line. The Great Pyramids of Egypt sure as hell weren't built in a day! But you know what?...a lot of thought, planning, and hard work went into building those massive structures...and they're still standing and we're still learning from them today! I, but a single man, can not possibly move this huge boulder...but with a lever(your support), I can move the World! We just have to think people...we can do anything!

"I'm not perfect... yet!" - MacGyver.

Step By Step Instructions To Build Your Own Vectrex Lightpen

Build your own lightpen for $10-$20. Take your pick...there's two different types you can build. Rob Mitchell and I will show you the "light"! ;) If you've never tried the lighpen games because the lightpen was just too expensive for your collection, then you're missing some really cool stuff! Build it!!

(go take a sneak peak at some PICS of the VLP I built right now though)
Vectrex Troubleshooting Guide
Do you have a broken Vectrex? Check this out!! The never before seen Vectrex Troubleshooting Guide and online Quick Reference Debugging Chart will have your Vectrex whistling Dixie in no time flat.


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