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CRT Discharging Procedure

by Rob Mitchell
ed. Brett Walach

I shouldn't have to tell you this, but the Vectrex's CRT can retain dangerous high voltages like a big capacitor just waiting to zZaP! your a$$ if you touch it without discharging first. Will you die if you get zapped? I don't know for sure, but it definitely won't feel good either way. So do yourself a favor and read the article on how to discharge your CRT.


Tools Required

(2) long, good quality, flathead screwdrivers with either heavy plastic or wooden insulated handles. Do not use cheap screwdrivers!

I want to take apart my Vectrex ... what should I be concerned about first ...

CAUTION: First the picture tube must be discharged to avoid electrical shock of perhaps 5000 - 7000 volts!

WARNING: If this is not done soon after opening your console before attempting any repairs, serious and perhaps life threatening injury may result.

IMPORTANT: Read all of the following and understand each step before attempting this procedure!

1. Unplug the Vectrex console !!
2. Hold both screwdrivers by their handles ... do not touch the metal shafts!
2. Put one to the ground wire running around the picture tube.
3. The other to the high voltage tension wire under the "suction cup" on the top of the picture tube.
4. Make contact between the two metal shafts of the two screwdrivers.

If the console has been used within the last 12-24 hours, you should hear and see a brief spark from an arc of electrical charge. If you do not see or hear the arc spark, try again. If the spark occurred, then the picture tube is now discharged.

Proceed with your repairs.

CAUTION: Failure to properly perform the above procedure properly could result in a voltage shock, bodily harm and or death.

Want to practice the above again? Put down both screwdrivers away from the console. Plug in the console. Turn it on briefly. Then Off and unplug. Try the above again and observe the spark. If done in a dimly lighted room, the spark may be more easily seen.

Rob Mitchell, Atlanta, GA 31-MAY-00


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