Quick Overview of This Site's Content:
Here you will find the latest happenings at this site along with whatever may be going on in the outside Vectrex world.
Vec Store

Everything for sale in the Vec Store is an original www.PlayVectrex.com product hand-crafted by Brett Walach.

Buckle up, bust out your soldering iron and gear, your about to embark on the How-To section. Clear pictures and detailed text will provide a simple step-by-step process teaching you how to build anything from replacement Vectrex controllers, to lightpens, to modifying your own Vectrex for improved sound or speed (or lack thereof). Projects will be popping up here all of the time so check back often!
Shop Talk
So you gave your Vectrex tender loving care, but it still got sick? Well fear not, we have skilled electronic troubleshooters here that can help you solve your problems and get that Vectrex back on it's feet! Take a look at the Vectrex Troubleshooting Guide and if you're still stumped, post a question on the Shop Talk Message Board to start the heeling process. ;)
Ahhh, the sacred stuff archived for historical and collectible purposes. If it's Vectrex, it's here! Categorized and rated for their rarity, you're sure to be drooling for hours.
Game Room
This is what it's all about! The GAMES!!! You'll find all of the official releases, demos, NEW games, and everything on the drawing board.
Design It
Do you have a great idea for a Vectrex game, peripheral, PC software, or anything dealing with the greatest video game console ever? Then share it with the Vectrex community! Half the battle in coming out with new games and hardware for the Vectrex takes place in the mind. The initial spark of imagination is what gets a project going! What's yours?
Are you currently working on a Vectrex project? Do you want to share your progress with the rest of the Vectrex community but don't want to bother with maintaining a webpage for it? Well I've got just the solution for you...put it up on the Projex page! This page is dedicated to work-in-progress (WIP) type Vectrex projects. Even if you have a webpage, you will more than likely get featured here while you are working on whatever your cool project may be. So drop me a line if you need some web space and want to get the word out and hype up your project!
V Board
Takes you straight to the www.PlayVectrex.com Message Board!
Hyperlinks to the best Vectrex sites on the Information Super Highway. Get out there, absorb some knowledge, then get back here and tell me what I don't have yet!
Email me and tell me how I can better serve you.


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