8BitDo Stock vs. modded Vectorlink Arcade Stick!

This is my favorite joystick for the Vectorlink!

Here's a walkthrough of what parts you'll need to modify your 8BitDo Arcade Stick
🔹 8BitDo Arcade Stick - Amazon (~$89 USD)
🔹 Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joystick & Sanwa 30mm OBSF-30 buttons - Amazon (~$42 USD)
🔹 5-pin cable to make plugging in the joystick simple - Amazon (~$6 USD)
🔹 Torx Driver T-10 - Amazon (~$3 USD)
🔹 (optional) Bat top 6mm thread - Amazon (~$10 USD or less.) FYI, I didn't end up liking this color... I'll try to get the official Sanwa one and check that)

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Step 1

After removing the 6 T-10 torx screws, remove the bottom plate that's attached with one small cable. Here's how the wiring looks before touching anything.

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Step 2

Here's the easy low stress way to remove the buttons. Reach under, squeeze the sides with your fingers and push them up through the top. Then use a small screw driver in a twisting motion to remove the connector. Replace each button one at a time to preserve the original wiring neatness. Be careful not to push the connectors on with one finger, to prevent accidentally bending them over. The pins are delicate. Use a controlled pinch-grip to replace the connectors. They also don't fully seat flush, so no need to force them all of the way home.

You got this!

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Step 3

The 5-pin cable plugs in where you removed the original. If you trim off the right most keyed rib on the cable, it will plug in easier. The left key lines up with the original connector jack.

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Step 4

Zip tie your joystick cable after plugging in. Sign your work if you wish 😻

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Step 5

All that's left to do is add the Cyan Vectorlink label. Close it up and you're done!
There are lots of colors available for these Sanwa controls, but I find the cyan the most pleasing color combo for me. Feel free to try the lime green, or yellow as well. There's even pink which would be pretty hawt.

The Link - EX-Groove - Quick Release JLF Shaft

Step 6

If you wanna go ALL OUT, and if you can find one of these quick release JLF shafts "The Link EX-Groove" in stock... do it! It's sick!!
🔹 Focus Attack
🔹 Paradise Arcade Shop

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