Vectrex LED v1.0 - 1x Assembled PCB Only

Vectrex LED v1.0 is an open source 8 color RGB LED board add-on. Maybe you already have a PCB but you don't have the cool LED? Easy, just add this PCB to the bottom. It fits perfectly under most 28 pin 32KB/64KB EPROMS.

Hand assembled by Brett Walach of Check out the prototype build and demo video here on my Youtube channel.
Note: the video shows a VEXTREME in a cartridge enclosure, but these are assembled PCB's only for sale here, for now.

Each purchase includes one fully assembled and tested Vectrex LED PCB v1.0, included in anti-static bag with label

Each PCB will be signed in gold sharpie on the bottom. If you install this PCB (and you totally should), the signature will be hidden but we'll know it's there ;-)

Vectrex LED has 8 color options: RED, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, CYAN, MAGENTA, WHITE, OFF

No limit per customer, order as many as you like! If you order multiples, shipping is a fixed fee for any quantity.

1 for $10 USD, 2 for $20 USD or 4 for $30 USD! + shipping

1-2 ($10ea.) or 4 for $30


If you like this open source project and would like to support the development, please consider buying me a coffee :D Totally optional, but very appreciated!

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Vectrex LED v1.0 - Signed in Gold!