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Well, we just did assemble our first vectrex program and let it run (or didn't you?). What small things can be done to the above program, so that we can learn a bit more about vectrex?

Let us now change the size of the text.

This is fairly simple, since only a changing of a BIOS RAM location is neccessary. The 'variable' responsible is Vec_Text_HW ($C82A), which is a word pointer. It consists of two byte variables, namely Vec_Text_Height ($C82A) and Vec_Text_Width ($C82B). As mentioned above the height is a negative size. The default size is $F848, which is heigth=-8 and width=72. Well, these are just numbers they don't tell me anything. What these numbers actually are is the 'speed' of the vector beam as described in 'Length of vectors / Scale'. Just experiment with the numbers to get a feeling for which numbers represent the display size you want.

Before the 'main:' line in the 'HELLO WORLD' example enter the following lines:

LDA #$F1 ; HEIGTH (big=-14)
LDB #$60 ; WIDTH (big=96)
STA Vec_Text_Height ; store heigth
STB Vec_Text_Width ; store width

(NOTE, instead of the more obvious code above you can also abriviate like:

LDD #$F160 ; HEIGTH, WIDTH (-14, 96)
STD Vec_Text_HW ; store to BIOS RAM location

This gives you a larger text display. Note, to center the text you might also want to change the Y, X position (see example further below).

We can also change the brightness of the text, there are some other 'static' functions for intensity, like:

Intensity_1F ($F29D)
Intensity_3F ($F2A1)
Intensity_5F ($F2A5)
Intensity_7F ($F2A9)

Just call them instead of the Intensity_5F ($F2A5) in the example (you must change the 'defines' in the header section too). There also is a 'variable' intensity function, Intensity_a ($F2AB). As you might have guessed, this function expects a parameter in the A register. The value in A is the intensity which will be set by the function.

So... by now we can change three settings: position, size and brightness. If you like exercizing you might try a HELLO WORLD which bounces the text around the screen, changes text size and brightness at every bounce (or something like that).

You might also want to take a look at the following BIOS functions (Appendix A), they all have some relation to string printing. The later functions print a group (list) of strings.

Print_Str_hwyx ($F373)
Print_Str_yx ($F378)
Print_Str_d ($F37A)
Print_Str ($F495)
Print_List_hw ($F385)
Print_List ($F38A)
Print_List_chk ($F38C)


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